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Join us for the Three by Three online theatre challenge, for LIVE, without-a-net online theatrical adventures!
"Our true intent is all for your delight."
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Official Selections!

Congratulations to our plucky playwrights who hasted headlong to celebrate the Bard's birthday by braving the challenge of YOUR prompts! Our 3x3 selections for "Avon Calling":

"The Peerer" and "Will's Word," by Christopher Lockheardt
"Will Kemp's Turn," "An Educated Palate," and "Shakespeare's Protestation," by Rex McGregor
"Lady Macbeth's Lament," "The Groundskeeper," "Shipwreck," and "Message in a Bottle," by Dwayne Yancey

Odd (as usual), we've chanced upon another First Three for our series--our first mini-festival to feature 3 and only 3 playwrights. (Those playing along may drink...)

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Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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February 17, 2022

It appears that we may now be able to livestream on LOCALS!!! This was the very reason we joined, and if indeed it is true, it opens up a great new vista for RMSC--hope to see you LIVE again soon!

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September 10, 2021
Where to Grow from Here?

Now that things are opening up somewhat for in-person theatre in our area, it appears that our former plans for a full-length "hybrid" show may have been premature. BUT I have had one request to bring back 3x3 short-form online live events. Is anyone else interested? Yea or Nay??? Reply here or message us NOW.
Either way, THANKS for all your support as we did (and will continue to) #SaveLiveTheatreSaveTheWorld

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Playwrights, we are looking to screen scripts for ONE-ACTOR shows, 30 minutes to full-length, for touring performances to schools and retirement homes in the southeastern US. Historical and/or classical characters and themes a plus but not absolutely required. Message us on Locals or e-mail roughmagicshakespeare at gmail dot com .

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